Pete Langford was born in Durham April 1943. He should have been born in Tottenham but mother was evacuated to her family up North. Three months later the Germans bombed the North East so she was moved again, but to Leighton Buzzard where Pete's Grandad had a public house. He has lived in the area ever since.


He sliced the end of his finger at work and with the compensation bought his first guitar which he learned with Butch's help and they played here and there in Leighton Buzzard before the Barron Knights were formed. Pete met Tony Osmond (later to become Barron) late 1959 and the Barron Knights were on their way and in October 1960 played their first professional engagement.


It wasn't until January 1964 that Pete wrote the idea of 'Call Up the Groups' on his mothers kitchen table and with the rest of the bands help managed to get a release on EMI in July 64. Within Three weeks they had sold half a million singles. Since then Pete and Butch have been responsible for 90% of all the bands material.

Apart from performing and writing Pete manages and books the bands engagements. If there is any spare time he plays golf to a handicap of nine and loves nothing more than to relax in his garden with his wife and family. If you need to know more about Pete he has written a book " Once a Knight" the history of the Barron Knights. Available in hardback published by IMP.