Thanks everybody for all your support this year, Its been great to  see the theatres packed and really does lift our spirits after all the dreadful packed roads we have to get on. Its probably the worst I have ever known getting to  the venues and when the show is over we get back on the road and get diverted so many times.A 2 hour trip took 4 last week...M27 Shut...(again)...I speak to  a few lads in other 60's bands and they get fed up of the Motorways. However getting on stage and hearing your reaction makes us feel its all worth it. We have lots of changes in the programme this year and thank goodness its all working well cos the boys rehearse hard to  make it all  good. See you soon somewhere  ...Chelsea Flower show concert was such a great afternoon,The tree Pollen made us cough  a bit and I had a few tickles in a few songs but the crowd were coughing as well but it did not stop the fun...Pete