Pete Langford was born in Durham April 1943. He should have been born in Tottenham but mother was evacuated to her family up North. Three months later the Germans bombed the North East so she was moved again, but to Leighton Buzzard where Pete's Grandad had a public house. He has lived in the area ever since...   MORE


Len has been a friend of the Barron Knights for 46 years and it has taken that long to be part of the team.Keyboards/vocalist/drummer, he does it all. In the very early days Len worked the famous Top Ten Club and Star Club in Hamburg, also working along side Elton John's band Bluesology. Len also worked with the Beatles and asked Ringo to move his drums...MORE


In April 2003, Micky joined the Barron Knights as Bass Guitarist/Vocalist.The BK's have known Mick for years through his association with Stuart Blandamer (of Q Tips fame). It was at Stuart's studio that Mick did the drum programming on their single "Golden Oldie Old Folks Home".  Micky began playing in bands in his teen years in and around his home town of Hemel Hempstead in Southern England...MORE


Dave Wilkes has been drumming for Ken Dodd, Georgie Fame and the Sid Lawrence orchestra for many years and has always wanted to be in the Barron Knights. When Lloyd retired he couldn't wait to have the seat and learn the act. He's a Brummie lad and also teaches music in schools...MORE


Butch is my longest ever friend and he helped me so much in the late fifties to play guitar. I persuaded him to join the band in 1961 and he became a massive part of the team. His comedy was so natural and folks laughed before he did anything - it was Tommy Cooper quality as was his comedy writing. He and I wrote 90% of the hits but he was the one that would come up with... MORE



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